Two continents, 35 employees, 24 hours, one app.

hackathonWhat happens when Vonage employees in New Jersey, Atlanta and Israel participate in an action-filled 24 hour hackathon to design, develop, test and release a brand new app? With just seven minutes left on the clock, the team officially released a new app for Android, meeting the one day deadline. LystYT, a social sharing music app can be found on Google Play, and more information can be found on the Vonage Garage.

While much of what our development team focuses on directly enhances Vonage’s products and services for consumers and businesses, one of Vonage’s core values is to innovate relentlessly. Outcomes like the LystYT app may not tie directly to our current offerings, but they allow us to dig deep into emerging trends and technologies to see where our customers are working – and playing.

The Vonage Garage is a window into the Company’s research and innovation activities and demonstrates our commitment to relentless innovation. It’s where Vonage seeks to balance the benefits of exploring new technologies with quick speed to market. The Garage allows us to test new technologies with the public and get their input – good or bad – before developing further for implementation. Through the Garage, Vonage collaborates directly with customers – or potential customers -to get their feedback on the benefits of features, the readiness of technologies, and the ease of experience, potentially helping to shape future products and services. In this way, we can feature projects we’re beta testing with the public, some that are demos and others will just remain cool concepts for future initiatives. It’s where new ideas and products are born and exciting technologies are put to the test.

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