The iPhone Mom Reviews and Shares Her Thoughts on Vonage Mobile

The iPhone Mom

Our popular, all-in-one communications app, Vonage Mobile, was recently reviewed on The iPhone Mom. The blogger, JoDee, shares her experience using Vonage Mobile and how it provided a solution for her pre-teen daughter’s desire for an expensive cell phone plan.

Over the years, JoDee’s family has tried several free calling and/or texting apps with varying degrees of success. After using Vonage Mobile on their iPhone and iPad to call, text and video chat with friends and family, JoDee and her daughters found Vonage Mobile to be cost effective, easy-to-use and a viable cell phone alternative for her younger daughters. Additional features and functionality JoDee references in her post include:

  • Vonage Mobile is a free app for iOS and Android devices that’s easy-to-use for tweens and teens and won’t break the bank.
  • The app allows users to make free calls and send free texts, as well as make free video calls and share photos and location with other Vonage Mobile users worldwide over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks¹.
  • Vonage Mobile uses your existing smartphone address book, and it’s easy to spot friends that already have the app by the Vonage icon next to their name.
  • Inviting new friends is a snap; simply press “Invite” and check the names of the contacts to build your global free calling and texting network.
  • Vonage Mobile includes an option to check calling rates before you make a call to non-app users, avoiding any unexpected costs.
  • For a limited time you can get FREE calls to any landline or mobile phone in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico (up to 3000 minutes per month). This is huge compared to the other apps we’ve tried!

JoDee’s successful experience highlights the endless benefits of using Vonage Mobile, including forgoing the need for expensive calling and texting family plans, staying in touch with family and friends internationally at affordable rates, and cross-platform video calling.

Check out JoDee’s review of Vonage Mobile here. What are your favorite Vonage Mobile features? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

¹Data rates may apply