Vonage PINs and Passwords

As Vonage continues to innovate and deliver great new features to our customers, while at the same time securing the privacy and confidentiality of their information, we manage to trip over ourselves building in requirements for yet more PINs and passwords. Add these to the already long list of nonsense combinations of letters and numbers we all have to remember just to pay our bills, buy online, and look up our kids’ homework on the school portal, and it can be a challenge to keep them all straight.

I cannot magically combine all your Vonage PINs and passwords into one, but I can remind you what they all are and where to go to reset them if you have forgotten. In some cases you need to know one before you can reset another.

Online Account Password

To log into your Vonage Online Account, you need your username or Vonage phone number and your Online Account password. This password is set by you when you sign up for Vonage service. If you forgot your Online Account password, fill out the Reset Password form. You can also change this password once you have logged into your Online Account. Refer to Log into Your Vonage Online Account for more information.

Security PIN

Your four-digit Security PIN is set by you the first time you log into your Vonage Online Account. If you call Vonage, we must request this PIN from you before making changes to your account. You can reset your Security PIN in your Online Account under the My Account tab. Refer to Vonage Security PIN for details.

Security Question

Your Security Question is the backup to your Security PIN. When you call Vonage and cannot remember your PIN, you will be asked for the answer to your Security Question. You select a Security Question and provide the answer when you first set your Security PIN. You can reset your Security Question in your Online Account under the My Account tab. Refer to Vonage Security PIN for details.

Voicemail PIN

This is the four-digit PIN you enter when you call Voicemail to listen to your messages. Confused? No surprise. When you call Voicemail you are asked to enter your “Password.” Voicemail PIN and Voicemail Password are one and the same. You are asked to set your Voicemail “Password” the first time you call Voicemail. You can reset this in your Online Account if you forget or change it through the prompts on the phone. In the Online Account, it is referred to as Voicemail “PIN.” See Set Up and Use Voicemail and Customize Voicemail for more information.

Extensions PIN

Extensions: a wonderful feature that lets you make international calls from another phone, like your mobile, at the same low rates as calling from your Vonage home number. However, you need your Extensions PIN to do this. Good news – your Extensions PIN is the same as your Security PIN. And, if you have forgotten your Security PIN, you can reset them both when you register your Extensions number. Refer to Set Up and Make Calls with Extensions for the details.

In summary, if you know your Online Account password, you can reset any of the other PINs and passwords you might have forgotten. And again, if you forgot your Online Account password, simply go to Reset Password and follow the instructions.