Child phone safety: How Vonage’s New Home Phone Service is Helping Parents

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vonage-extensions-appChildren learn to walk and talk and then—the sky’s the limit. Their growth and development goes into hyper drive and parents are along for the exciting (and often exhausting) ride. There’s a dizzying amount of things children learn, but one of the most important things they can learn is their home address and telephone number.

There are a number of tried and true ways to teach children this important information from songs to mnemonic devices, but Vonage employee (and parent of two young children) Ian Senior, believes he’s onto something using Vonage’s new mobile inbound calling functionality that enables customers to receive calls to their home phone number on Vonage’s patented Extension App. . Here’s what he shared recently with other parents:

“My company launched a new product which I think is a great idea for families with young kids and also a potential benefit to you if you have the kind of kids who run off in the middle of a theme park (I have one of those).

I’m not just promoting this because I work for this company, but the new Vonage product (mobile inbound calling) is like a road ID for families. We’re trying to teach our four-year-old a telephone number in case of emergencies. With this new product, we can teach him just our home phone number and it will call our house and both my wife’s and my cell phones at the same time. You can add more extensions (smart phones) to this if needed, but then your kids only need to learn one number in case of emergencies.”

Our customers are always coming up with exciting, innovative ways to use our technology. How has the ability to use your Vonage home phone anywhere helped you?