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How to Call Edmonton from the USA

There are many reasons to seek cheap calls to Edmonton, most of them revolving around friends and family. If you need to chat more frequently with people back home in Edmonton, it’s time you heard about US & Canada Unlimited from Vonage because it can make unlimited¹ calling to Edmonton a reality! It’s easy and […]

How to Call Calgary from the USA

Cheap calls to Calgary are a must for anyone who wants to regularly call there. That’s why Vonage has its US & Canada Unlimited plan which delivers unrivaled, unlimited¹ calling to Calgary. With it, you can talk to loved ones in Calgary on cell phones and landlines as much as you need to¹, and, as […]

How to Call Vancouver from the USA

Vonage knows just how much you need unlimited¹ calling to Vancouver. That’s why we developed our US & Canada Unlimited plan. Your love for your friends and family has no limit, so why should your calls to them have any? It’s simple. Once you sign up with us, we’ll send you our Vonage Box™ which […]

How to Call Montreal from the USA

Cheap calls to Montreal can be yours without all the complicated dialing instructions or poor audio quality you’ll often find with shady calling cards or complicated calling plans. Vonage offers straightforward dialing, high-call quality and low rates that don’t mysteriously get hiked up from one day to the next. So if you want unlimited¹ calling […]

How to Call Toronto from the USA

Canada and the US have always had a close relationship. But if you’re a former Torontonian living “down south” these days, you may not feel like they’re very close. Even if you’re only a few hours away from Toronto, without daily conversations with your friends and family back north, you may as well be living […]

Vonage Beats Out The Other Long Distance Service Providers

Make those long distance calls easy and affordable. No one is perfect. But shouldn’t your long distance service provider be pretty close? Dropped calls, garbled reception and low minutes shouldn’t be the status quo, particularly with the rates you pay. Those long distance service providers do deserve one thing: a cancellation notice. Vonage believes you […]