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How to Call Multan from the USA

Never mull over calling Multan ever again. There’ve been rumors, fables even, of a calling plan that offers cheap calling to Multan for a low monthly rate. Well, Vonage has never been one to gossip, so check out our plan to call Multan at a low per minute rate — Vonage World®! The most popular […]

How to Call Rawalpindi from the USA

Enjoy budget-friendly calls to Rawalpindi with Vonage World®! Rawalpindi is a growing economic center, but there hasn’t been an easy way to call Rawalpindi for a low rate. That is, until now. It’s time for Vonage World®. For one low monthly rate, Vonage World gives you easy access to over 60 nations for a low, […]

How to Call Faisalabad From the USA

Affordable calls to Faisalabad? For sure! Growing up in Faisalabad, you never had to worry about communication. Your entire family was either down the hall or down the block, giving you no need to ever learn the Faisalabad dialing code. But now, things have changed. You’ve moved to the U.S., and have a new sensation […]

Calling Lahore from the U.S.

Thinking about calling Lahore but not sure where to start? First get Vonage World®. It’s the cheapest way to call Pakistan cells and landlines. With it you also get access to over 60 other countries for the same low monthly rate! You’ll also be able to call Lahore for a low per-minute cost. So now […]

Calling Islamabad from the U.S.

Thinking about calling Islamabad but unsure how? Before you call Pakistan, you’re going to need a plan — Vonage World®. There are more than 60 countries in the plan and calls to all of them are included for one low monthly rate. Plus you can reach Pakistan landlines and cell phones for a shockingly cheap […]

Calling Karachi from the U.S.

Thinking about calling Karachi but not sure where to start? Before calling Pakistan, you’ll need a calling plan from Vonage. Try Vonage World®. There are over 60 countries featured in the plan and you also get free Vonage-to-Vonage calls for one low monthly rate! And for a small per-minute rate you can also call Pakistan […]