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Are you moving into a new house?

So you find yourself moving into a new house. First, congratulations are in order. Second, you’re going to need some help putting everything in order with our useful Moving into a House Checklist. Find a New House: If you’re moving into a new house, the first thing you’ll need to do is (obviously) find that […]

Change Your Phone Service to Vonage Today and Save

Change phone service and start saving with Vonage’s great rates today! Switching phone companies to Vonage is always a good idea but especially if you think you may be moving soon. If you’ve moved before, you know what disaster it can wreak on your life no matter the prep time and coordination you put into […]

Moving? Take Your Phone Number With You When Switching Phone Service

Take your home number wherever you go, when switching to Vonage! If you’re with Vonage you can go ahead and move without worrying about switching phone companies or deal with moving your phone number. Your loved ones can contact you at the same number you’ve always had. With Vonage, take your number with you wherever […]

Are You moving into a New Apartment?

Are you moving into a new apartment for the first time or moving from a larger house? If so, this can be a really stressful time in your life. Don’t let things get out of hand though. Try our moving checklist to keep yourself sane and happy during this tricky period. Finding an Apartment: The […]

Moving Across Country doesn’t Have to Mean Moving Mountains Anymore!

Moving across country used to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, but in today’s world of high speed, affordable long distance travel, cross country moving is happening now more frequently than ever. So don’t take the task of crossing several time zones lightly, to be sure, but you also shouldn’t be living in terror for the big […]

Moving Overseas? Use our Moving Abroad Checklist

So you’re leaving the USA for work, studies or family, and you’re wondering just how you’ll ever put together a useful moving abroad checklist. Let us help. SOME GENERAL THINGS TO THINK ABOUT WHEN MOVING ABROAD: Start packing and separating early: If you are doing the packing yourself (European only), start as soon as you […]