Moving to a Big City?

In today’s location-fluid economy, you might find yourself given the opportunity by your company moving to a larger city and leaving your small, familiar hometown behind.

Well Country Mouse, not to worry.

There are a few things you should be aware of when moving to a big city, but nothing you can’t learn to deal with.

Cities are home to skyscrapers and other tall bastions of commerce. New York is a great example of this. Anyone moving to New York City from a small town may feel overwhelmed by the sheer scale and size of the architecture, the buildings and the street layout.

If you are a nature lover, consider housing with a nearby park — New York City boasts many top notch parks. Easy access will allow you to spend some time there on a regular basis.

Coming from a smaller town, you may be accustomed to knowing most of the residents. In a big city, you’ll get close to experiencing true anonymity. But you won’t be alone! It’s anonymity surrounded by millions of others. Like anywhere else, some people are decent and look out for one another, and some are only looking out for #1.

Another issue that crops up a great deal for transplants in this situation is a making new friends. You may have moved, but chances are your extended family and bff’s didn’t make the jump with you. Try joining a local scene or group, something you enjoy and will find in common with others. It could be a sports team or poetry slams, a baking class or a dog walking group, etc. The more people you get to know, the greater the chance you’ll meet someone truly special.

Lastly, try to find locations within the city that remind you of home.

Maybe it’s a pub. Maybe it’s a diner, or a corner of a park — it could be anything. Anchoring yourself somewhere and becoming a “local” will help you find a sense of identity while protecting you from the often hectic city.

View and print our full moving checklist here.

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