Are you Moving to Another Climate Soon?

If you’re moving to another climate any time soon, you’ll need to do some research on your new home and find out just what it will take to make it.

In today’s economy there’s every chance you might find yourself exported to another country where the climate could be very different. Depending on where you’re from and where you’re going, this could mean some serious life changes for you in how you dress, what kind of vehicle you drive and even your emotional state. We can’t cover all the possibilities but we can help with a general overview through a few examples.

Hot and Dry to Cold and Wet

Let’s say you’re moving from Arizona to Orgeon. Though these two states are in the same country, there are few locations in the world as climatically opposite.

It will likely even take a couple of years just to get used to the new weather. That shorts and t-shirt combo that worked so well in Tempe won’t cut it in Portland, famous for its rain and often times cold weather. You’ll need to make sure you have plenty of raingear yes, but will also have to have water proof regular coats, clothing for winter snows, and tires with effective treads, a must in a state where slippery roads are a way of life.

You’ll also need to get used to not seeing the sun so often. The lack of sunshine can leave one depressed if you’re not used to it. This could be part of the reason the region is famous for its coffee — maybe an attempt to drive away the rainy day blues with a warm, stimulating drink. But for all of that, the beauty of Oregon is sure to win you over.

Cold to Very Hot

Perhaps you find yourself moving from a place that is usually pretty cold or at least a place that has regular cold seasons to a new location that is traditionally, well, sweltering. Iceland to India perhaps? Northern Canada to Southern Florida? Wherever you find yourself, cold-weather citizen, your new hot home is going to pose a few challenges.

Now you’d think going from cold to hot means you should just dump most of your clothes and live spartanly off of a few items each week, but the fact is that your body won’t be prepared for its new environs. You’re going to be sweating A LOT so you’ll need to bring along not fewer clothes but maybe more. Take as many extra sets of underclothes and shirts as you can so you can sweat through them without having to do laundry every five minutes. Basically, hot country natives’ bodies have adjusted to that area’s upper extremes and will sweat a great deal less. The idea of what is “hot” or “cold” is fairly relative anyway. To many locals of Chad, 70 degrees Fahrenheit would be considered as downright chilly, worthy of a sweater to keep warm, while “110 in the shade” is just another day.

If you’re moving to another climate that is extremely hot, you’ll also want to make sure you have easy access to plenty of clean water to rehydrate yourself, as well as a place to cool off when the heat becomes intolerable. A pool, fans or a cool basement can do the trick too. People not used to higher temperatures can find themselves succumbing to heatstroke, which is not to be taken lightly. Play it safe and monitor yourself and be prepared.

View and print our full moving checklist here.

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