Are you moving into a new house?

So you find yourself moving into a new house.

First, congratulations are in order. Second, you’re going to need some help putting everything in order with our useful Moving into a House Checklist.

Find a New House: If you’re moving into a new house, the first thing you’ll need to do is (obviously) find that home.
There are many realtors out there, but to get a good idea of what you might prefer, it’s best to take some time online.

Space: If you’re moving into a house from an apartment, you’ll definitely have more room for your belongings and can probably take whatever you’d like. A house-to-house move, though, will require a more careful job of packing since it’s possible not everything will be making the trip with you. Donate, recycle, or throw out what won’t fit.

Hiring Movers: You’ll need estimates from several companies, but you should go with your gut after talking in-person or on the phone to a moving company representative. It can also help to check Yelp reviews to see what others have said

Packing: Bulk up on boxes, tape, elastics, markers, and Bubble Wrap™. You’ll need them if you choose to move yourself. If you hire movers, the best thing to do is to keep out of the way. They’re called “professional movers” for a reason. Let them show you how good they can be.

Pets and Children: If you’re moving into a new house, your fuzzy buddy or buddies will want to go exploring, and if you’re not careful, mark their territory. Cat urine is especially noxious, so setup your litter boxes and peepads up right away and keep your pets in one room. Alternately, you may want to keep them out of the picture altogether and board them for the day. Children, if old enough, can help you pack the smaller things but it’s best to leave them in the care of someone you trust for the day.

Change of Address: Either online or in person, head to the USPS and fill out a change of address form. To be sure no mail gets left at the wrong address, notify anyone you can think of who may who may need to send you important information in a hurry: financial institutions, doctors, pharmacies, legal representatives or court bodies, etc.

Utilities and Deposits: Ensure you’ll be getting back as much of any security or cleaning deposit that you may have laid out by thoroughly cleaning your old home before departure. The day before moving into a new home, take the time to call your utility company and have any final bills forwarded to the new address and make sure everything gets shut off at the right time.

One Last Look

  • Ensure carbon monoxide alarms and fire alarms are immediately installed in your new home.
  • Lock all your windows and doors.
  • Don’t forget to initial any changes to moving-related documents.
  • Before you unpack, checkup on your inventory list or bill of lading which should tell you if all your items made it to the new home.
  • Vonage customers can always take their existing phone number to their new house. All you have to do is take your Vonage Box™ and reconnect it at the new home. You can even add a second local line.
  • If you’re not a Vonage user yet, in just 10 business days you can switch over, but also keep your own number which will then move with you!

Click here for our full moving checklist – download, print and share!

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