Are You moving into a New Apartment?

Are you moving into a new apartment for the first time or moving from a larger house?

If so, this can be a really stressful time in your life. Don’t let things get out of hand though. Try our moving checklist to keep yourself sane and happy during this tricky period.

Finding an Apartment:

The best way to find the ideal apartment for you will be through a real estate agent. They have larger listings than no-fee services and will take you from place to place until you find one you like.


Tenant Rights:

If you’re used to living in a home where you can make any and all changes whenever you want, moving into first apartment can sometimes seem restricting. Do you want to take a wall down, put up shelves, start a garden. Then find and review your state’s “tenant’s handbook” and check out the U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development’s tenants’ rights page.



If you’re moving into a new apartment, you’ll need to know if you can take your fuzzy pal along. Many apartment buildings don’t allow pets, so be sure about that before you pick a place.



Will there be parking available for your car? Will it be free, come as part of the total cost of renting or will it be extra?


Change of Address:

Notify anyone who will need to send you financial or legal documents.



Take many. Your larger furniture may not make it through your new stairways or doorways.



Get estimates and pick the best company; then decide if you or they will do the packing.



If you’re doing the packing, get enough boxes and supplies (tape, Bubble Wrap™, etc.) for the day and pack your most used items last.


Click here for our full moving checklist — download, print and share!

If you’re a Vonage customer moving into a new apartment, take your phone number with you! Just pack up your Vonage Box™ and phone with you and take it with you anywhere in the world to keep enjoying Vonage’s great rates and free calls. Just plug your phone and Internet cables back into the Vonage Box after moving into new apartment.

Non-Vonage customers, you can switch over and get a Vonage Box whenever you like. Just be aware that the number transfer process can take up to 10 (business) days. You’ll get an email when the transfer is done.

Learn more about moving with Vonage and how you can keep your number when you switch phone service to Vonage.