Share the Greatness of the New Vonage Mobile®!

Share the joy of Vonage Mobile®!

Upon Vonage Mobile reaching the mammoth milestone of 1 million downloads, we at Vonage began a new mission. A quest to create a new Vonage Mobile with features that have never been offered on an international calling app.

The New Vonage Mobile

We know how many loved the original Vonage Mobile (a million users can’t be wrong, right?), so while we’ve incorporated the aspects of the prior version, we’ve added awesome new features you’ll love:

Advanced Messaging (MMS)* – This new Vonage Mobile allows you to send photo messages – with location info – right from the app!

International Calling Rate Display* – You can now see the per-minute calling rate (shown in cents) right next to each number in your phone book.

These features are awesome, but we live in the age of social media. In terms of the apps and media we consume we have the need to share with our friends and family, and sometimes, total strangers. Vonage Mobile knows this, which is why we’ve added a new, key feature.

Vonage Mobile Share Feature

Share the magic of Vonage Mobile through Facebook or Twitter today, by posting to your wall and your friends’. They’ll be able to see your Vonage Mobile activity and will also be able to download the app! The more of your friends that get the app, the more seamless you can communicate!

Vonage Mobile – keeping you connected, conveniently.

*Standard data rates may apply.