Have a Very Vonage Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is on its way, and while you can surprise a local loved one with a nice card or gift, what about those who live far away?

Well, with Vonage, you can get those you love most the gift of reconnecting.

If you download Vonage Mobile®, our free international calling app, you can talk to or text anyone anywhere in the world at no charge* as long as they’ve also downloaded the app. You’ll enjoy high-definition audio throughout your conversation, and now you can even text images, contact info or your location right from the app.

Not a Vonage customer? Not a problem. Vonage Mobile works for anyone with an iPhone® or Android™. There’s absolutely no complicated sign-up process or wait time, either. You can start using the app just moments after downloading it and registering your number. When you’re ready to reach out to wish a Happy Valentine’s Day to someone you love, you can use Vonage Mobile’s built-in one-touch dialing to invite friends and family members to sign up for Vonage Mobile right from the app. You’ll never have to leave the app to find a phone number!

Calling someone who doesn’t have a smartphone or our mobile app? Not a problem, because Vonage Mobile will still deliver great savings to landlines and cell phones in any destination worldwide.

Plus, right now with our Refer-A-Friend program, you can earn free Vonage credit for calls and texts up to $10! Invite a relative or friend through SMS to sign up with Vonage Mobile and you’ll receive $1 of credit for each person you get to download and register with Vonage Mobile.

So if someone you care about lives in another country, maybe you can’t get them flowers, but you can get in touch, with Vonage Mobile. Let Vonage make your Valentine’s Day even more special.

Have a very Vonage Valentine’s Day!

*Data rates may apply