There’s One Constant in Military Life: Change

Military families are constantly on the move. It often seems that just when they are settling into their new home, they receive orders for a change of station. And with it comes a move to a new home, a new school, a new town, maybe even a new country. Anything that can help reduce the stress of military life – even a little – is a good thing.

One way that military families deployed OCONUS (Outside the Continental United States) deal with separation is by staying in touch with loved ones. But more times than not family and friends back in the States are reluctant to pick up the phone and call them. The burden is often on those overseas if they want to connect.

However, when military families order a Vonage calling plan, they get to choose a U.S. phone number that stays with them and remains the same no matter where they PCS (Permanent Change of Station) next. So regardless of where they are stationed, their friends and family in the U.S. can call their Vonage number for the price of a local call.

Vonage is a perfect match for the unique needs of military families. But don’t just take our word for it. Read carefully what Melissa at Marrying The Army says: “[i]t’s really important to us that we can stay in touch. Unfortunately, not all of our family enjoy social media and email as much as I do, so it’s awesome that they now have a way of reaching out to us without incurring international calling fees or spending unwanted time online.” (read more)

Or Adrianna at NextGen MilSpouse: “Perhaps one  of my favorite-all-time features of my Vonage service is that I can take my US telephone number anywhere I go, worldwide.  That means that even if we PCS overseas, Mom and Dad can just dial my stateside number and- voilà-they reach me wherever the Air Force sends us.  Mom and Dad aren’t required to have Vonage service to contact me.  Any calls they make will be treated as a US domestic call.  Pretty cool, right?” (read more)

Or Rheanna at Cammo Style Love: “It’s clear to me that most obvious benefit to a service like this would be most deployment situations and overseas PCS’s.  The ability to choose a local number to where a majority of your friends and family are and then keep said number no matter where you go and how many times you move is priceless.” (read more)

Or Kara at More Ramblings of a Marine Wife: “When you PCS, take your Vonage box with you and your number stays the same. The box can also be taken along on deployments. As long as you have an internet connection and a touch-tone phone, you are good.  This just gives you one less thing to worry about when PCS season rolls around.” (read more)

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