Vonage’s Calling Cards to Spain Have Finally Arrived!

It’s an evolution in international calling.

Whether you’re calling Spain to discuss fútbol or just checking in, you’re going to need a reliable, inexpensive Spain calling card. Until now, you’ve used what you thought were the best phone cards for Spain, but in the end, these depleted your bank account and made you suffer through calls with questionable quality. Vonage has an answer. One you’ve been waiting to hear for a while.

Introducing the Digital Calling Card by Vonage!

It puts other Spain calling cards to shame.

With Vonage’s self-servicing calling card, you’ll get low per-minute rates, high call quality, zero monthly commitment and bonus calling credit. And with our digital calling card there will never be another concern over cut off calls because all our cards can be auto-recharge enabled.

Wait, back up a bit, did you say bonus?

Yes! Receive up to a 40% bonus credit when you buy $25 worth of minutes — that’s a bonus just for talking! Still need convincing that Vonage’s Digital Calling Cards are the best Spain phone cards? Just peek at all the perks:

  • Low per-minute calling rates to many popular countries.
  • Only pay for the minutes you use.
  • No monthly fees.
  • No connection fees, minimum charges, gimmicks or hidden charges.
  • Reliable calling over Vonage’s network.
  • Calling to landlines and mobiles.
  • Convenience of refilling the calling card whenever you want.
  • Bonus calling credit available.
  • And of course, Vonage’s standard high-quality calling.

And because these digital Spain calling cards are completely self-service, you manage them on your time on your own schedule. So you’ll never have to worry about getting a reminder to refill your card. Get Vonage’s online calling card today to get the calling card to Spain everyone is talking about — and with!

Need some help when it comes to calling Spain?

Forgot the calling code of the city you’re trying to reach? Check out our post on how to call Spain for all the dialing details!