The New Standard for Calling Cards to Italy

Vonage raises the international calling bar. Again.

Introducing Vonage’s Digital Calling Card — an online calling card to Italy that is both easy to use and affordable.

Why go with Vonage? Our Italy phone card boasts low per-minute rates, high international call quality and no monthly commitment. Plus, receive up to a 40% bonus credit when you buy $25 worth of minutes — it’s the only low-rate Italy calling card that rewards you for talking! Many of you have probably suffered lost calls when your other calling cards ran down, but our digital card comes with an auto-recharge option to help avoid getting cut off.

Vonage’s low-rate calling card to Italy lets you manage your Italy phone card online, allowing you to check minutes and refill your card at your own discretion.

Check out what else you get:

  • Exceptionally high call quality
  • Low per-minute calling rates to many popular countries.
  • Only pay for the minutes you use.
  • No monthly fees.
  • No connection fees, minimum charges, gimmicks or hidden charges.
  • Reliable calling over Vonage’s network.
  • Calling to landlines and mobiles.
  • Convenience of refilling the calling card whenever you want.
  • Bonus calling credit available.

And that’s why Vonage’s Digital Calling card is easily the best Italy phone card out there. Call your sister in Sicily or your brother in Bologna worry-free. What’s sweeter than fresh cannolis and keeps you connected with all those you care for? It’s Vonage’s international calling card. Get the Italy calling cards that’ll keep you and your loved ones connected.

Now you know Vonage has the best phone cards for Italy, but do you remember how to dial? Check out our post on how to call Italy from the U.S. for the proper calling cues!