Pay More to Talk Less? It’s Vonage vs PennyTalk

PennyTalk® sounds cheap, but that’s not the whole story.

Introducing the Digital Calling Card by Vonage!

When you compare PennyTalk and Vonage rates, it’s easy to see how Vonage offers a better deal. For instance, our rates to mobile phones in many popular destinations are much lower — 35% less in the Philippines, 49% less in the U.K., 56% less in the Dominican Republic and 63% less in Colombia. Clearly, PennyTalk calling cards aren’t as cheap as they sound.

What’s more, PennyTalk calling cards charge a monthly fee, a payphone fee, a connection fee and a minimum charge! Sounds like the slogan of the PennyTalk international calling card should be “More fees, less talk.” With our calling card, though, your calls won’t be shut down suddenly due to missing funds. That’s because our auto-recharge feature will make sure you stay connected by adding the necessary money onto your card for you.

Unlike PennyTalk, the Vonage Digital Calling Card has no hidden fees. In fact, check out everything you’ll get:

  • Low per-minute calling rates to many popular countries.
  • Only pay for the minutes you use.
  • No monthly fees.
  • No connection fees, minimum charges, gimmicks or hidden charges.
  • Reliable calling over Vonage’s network.
  • Calling to landlines and mobiles.
  • Convenience of refilling the calling card whenever you want.
  • High-quality calls.
  • Bonus calling credit available.

Did someone say bonus?

Whenever you put more than $5 on your Vonage calling card, you’ll get extra calling credit and receive up to a 40% bonus credit when you buy $25 worth of minutes. So the more you chat, the more credit you’ll earn! Can PennyTalk international calling cards do that?

And speaking of refilling your account, Vonage’s calling card is completely self-service, meaning it’s simple, quick and handled on your own time. So when it comes down to Vonage vs PennyTalk, there’s really no comparison — Vonage wins in a communications landslide. Get the best long distance calling card out there and start connecting for less!