Bangladesh: Call longer for less!

Vonage introduces lower rates to Bangladesh.

Whether you currently have Vonage or are just considering it, Vonage is introducing lower rates for calling Bangladesh with Vonage World®!

So no matter if it’s your sister in Sylhet, brother in Barisal or parents in Chittagong, Vonage is making it simpler to make a cheap call to Bangladesh.

If you thought Vonage’s Bangladesh rates were a bargain before, these rates will have you burning your old Bangladesh calling card. Whether it’s ten minutes or two hours, 10 AM or 10 PM, with our low rates, you’ll never worry about Bangladesh calling rates again!

Check out Vonage World and view our international calling rates, and then check out the new lower rates to call Bangladesh from the USA.

Calling Bangladesh is now easier and cheaper with Vonage, so start communicating with those you care about today!

For more info on calling Bangladesh, view how to call Bangladesh here.