It’s Mother’s Day. Do you know where your mother is?

You want to talk to Mom…but you’re on a budget.

You’re in the US, but Mom’s overseas.

Hola! How can you keep in contact without breaking the bank? Stay in touch with one of Vonage’s many international calling plans. Vonage allows you to talk to mom as long as you want, whenever you want, without worrying about high rates, hidden fees or limited calling plans! With Vonage, there’s two easy ways: creating a Virtual Phone Number or sending mom a Vonage Box™.

What are Virtual Phone Numbers and how do they work?

A Virtual Phone Number is a local number from another geographic location that rings right to your Vonage line. For instance, you’re in California, with an area code of 323. Your mom is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with an area code of 21. You can add a virtual number to your Vonage account with an area code of 21. Now, even though your mom is calling you internationally, It will feel just like a local call. There are no expensive long distance charges and she will not need to dial the U.S. country code. Now its easier than ever to talk to the one woman who loves you unconditionally.

Send Mom some Vonage!

Alternatively, if you sign your mom up for Vonage, we’ll ship her a Vonage Box, via UPS, so she’ll be able to make unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in the U.S. Now mom can have a phone line with a US area code that you or anyone can reach her on. It’s an innovative and inexpensive way to get around paying international calling rates!

Use your mobile to thank Mom with Vonage’s Mother’s Day free calling promotion!

You can talk to mom for hours and pay nothing for it! Simply download Vonage Mobile and make a call to any landline in Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Chile or Colombia between May 10–13th, 2012 — FREE OF CHARGE. It’s a win-win; mom hears from her favorite child and you get to talk however long you want, without wondering how much it’ll cost.

Just call her up!

No matter which country your mom lives in, bridge the gap today using Vonage.
And even though you’re apart this Mother’s Day, Vonage is the sure-fire way to stay close and connected.