How to Call Sargodha From the USA

Cheap calls to Sargodha are here!

Every time you see a mandarin orange, you think of home — Sargodha. You wish you could call more, but life (AKA your budget) gets in the way. But Vonage has a solution — Vonage World®. This calling plan includes super low cost calls to Sargodha and to any other landline or cell in Pakistan! Toss those Pakistan calling cards and sign up for Vonage World, the only plan that gives you a truly affordable per-minute rate to Sargodha. Now, whenever you’re strolling the produce aisle, you’ll be able to fight off those pangs of sadness with Vonage World and the ability to call Sargodha for a lot less money than Pakistan calling cards and other international plans will charge you.

Now you’ve got the plan to dial, but do you know how?

Vonage’s guide on how to call Sargodha:

  • Start with 011 — the exit code for the U.S. and Canada.
  • Next, enter 92 — the country code of Pakistan.
  • Then, dial 48 — the Sargodha area code.
  • Finish with the local Sargodha 6–7 digit phone number.

Now that you know the Sargodha calling code and, as a whole, how to call Sargodha from the U.S., feel free to start making those calls to Sargodha. But what if I want to call another city in Pakistan? No sweat. Check out our post on how to call Pakistan to review calling codes for all the other major Pakistani cities.

The stuff on Sargodha:

As one of the 12 largest cities in Pakistan, Sargodha has a respectable population of over half a million residents (2012). The economy of Sargodha is buoyed by its production of fruits — especially mandarin oranges and guavas. Sargodha’s proximity to nuclear rival India has for years been a point of contention, as Indian Armed Forces invaded the city in 1965 and 1971.