How to Call Quetta From the USA

Cheap calls to Quetta? No question about it!

Your family in Quetta, particularly your dad, wonders why you don’t call more often. Simple. You’ve had no luck searching for substantially cheap calling to Quetta, and you’re allergic to Pakistan calling cards. There must be some calling plan out there that’ll let you call Quetta without breaking the bank.

That plan? Vonage World®.

Vonage World is everything you need for calls to Quetta.
And more. What calling plan, for one low monthly rate, lets you call more than 60 nations around the globe and also lets you reach Quetta for a super low per-minute rate? Vonage World. What calling plan has no restrictions on when you call or how long you call for? Vonage World. What calling plan will water your plants when you’re out of town? Sorry, got a little carried away there. Regardless, Vonage World is your choice for affordably priced calling to Quetta cell phones and landlines. Now you know the plan to call Quetta with, but do you know HOW to call Quetta?

Our guide on how to call Quetta from the U.S.:

  • Start with 011 – the exit code for the U.S. and Canada.
  • Next, enter 92 — the country code for Pakistan.
  • Then, dial 81 — the Quetta area code.
  • Finally, finish dialing with the local 6–7 digit Quetta phone number.

Call Quetta today with Vonage World (and the Quetta calling code), and use this calling plan to call other Pakistani cities as well. Learn how by reading our post on how to call Pakistan from the USA.

Some clarity on Quetta:

Quetta, which, roughly translated, means “fortress,” is surrounded by high hills, creating a natural barrier on all sides, and is Pakistan’s only major city located at high altitude. Quetta, like Peshawar, is located near the Durand Line (the Pakistan-Afghanistan border) and due to its location is a major strategic post for Pakistan’s Armed Forces.