How to Call Multan from the USA

Never mull over calling Multan ever again.

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So when you’re looking for affordable calling to Multan, you know where to turn (Vonage) and which plan to turn to (Vonage World). But do you remember how to call Multan?

Our guide on how to call Multan:

  1. Start with 011 — the exit code for the U.S. and Canada.
  2. Next, enter 92 — the country code for Pakistan.
  3. Then, dial 61 — the Multan area code.
  4. Finally, wrap up dialing with the local 6–7-digit Multan phone number.

Now you know the Multan dialing code, but maybe you also want to dial other cities in Pakistan. Relax, Vonage World covers the entire country. And we’ve got you covered when calling those other cities, with our post on how to call Pakistan from the U.S.

The matter of Multan:

With a population of nearly five million, Multan is commonly known as the “City of Saints” due to its abundance of elaborate tombs, mausoleums and temples. Multan, located on the Chenab River, is also known for having extremely fertile and mineral-rich soil, with a range of crops, from wheat to mangoes to sugarcane and more, making up a significant portion of its economic output. Canals that run through the Multan district make the land fertile.

However, Multan is known for more than just for what it grows; it’s also famous for handicrafts, including ceramics and carpets. With all the agriculture and industry in the city, a number of facilities and factories are popping up throughout Multan to handle the load on the city’s economy.