The best way to call Bangladesh is…

NOT a calling card.

How many of you are surprised? Show of hands?

A Bangladesh calling card may seem like a great deal for calling home, but in reality, the time advertised on the card (say 120 minutes, for instance) can usually only be achieved under very specific circumstances. Meaning that your supposed ‘cheap’ call to Bangladesh isn’t such a great deal. It’s similar to buying a car that gets an advertised 45 miles to the gallon, when in reality that 45 can only be achieved under ideal conditions. Plus, with calling cards, there are a number of middlemen that connect your call and eat into your calling card time, with restrictions like:

  • Call connection charges
  • Monthly fees
  • Minimum call lengths
  • Quick expiration dates
  • Activation or setup fees

So what’s the best way to call Bangladesh?

Take a look at Vonage World®, view our international calling rates and marvel at the rates Vonage has for calling Bangladesh (just scroll down). These new rates will keep your calls to Bangladesh easy and affordable, and you well-connected with those you care for!