MagicJack™ vs. Vonage Installation

When it comes to installation, the MagicJack reviews online reveal a great deal about the supposed ease and reliability of this device.

Some say the installation is complicated…though to be fair, it seems that all you need do is just plug one end of the Magic Jack into an open USB port on your computer, plug a standard phone line into the other end of the MagicJack™, and begin to make and receive calls just as with any other phone service.

The less than simple part mentioned in many of these reviews for Magic Jack revolve around issues and difficulties removing Magic Jack software from your PC. It must feel invasive and unsafe when you can’t undo a task on your own computer. In addition, the MagicJack software also displays advertisements on your screen — meaning you may have to endure an advertisement to make a call. No, thank you!

All this and there’s no real MagicJack support line to speak of? What if you need help with setup? Or with removing software? Or just fixing a bug or dealing with a log in issue? With MagicJack, in order to get help, you’ll have to wait online within a Magic Jack customer support chat room…for as long as it takes for them to get to you.

Not so with Vonage where you’ll get 24/7 customer service with a live rep.

Plus Vonage is completely ad free. When it comes to installation, Vonage is simple and fast! We even have a setup wizard on our website to walk you step by step through the easy process. But again, if at any point you find you need a hand…call us and we’ll walk you through it in person.

So why waste time setting up a service that places difficult software on your computer, forces you to endure annoying commercials and doesn’t have a solid customer support option?

If you need reliable and easy installation and phone service, you may find the Magic Jack phone service does not meet your needs. In that case, check out our U.S. & Canada calling plans at and get awesome and reliable service today!