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How Vonage International Phone Cards Work

You’ve heard the hype, and it’s all true: The Vonage Digital Calling Card is here and ready to affordably connect you and your loved ones abroad! Check out everything our long distance calling card gives you: Low per-minute calling rates to many popular countries. Only pay for the minutes you use. No monthly fees. No […]

Affordable Long Distance Phone Calls, Only from Vonage

Vonage makes calling easy and affordable. Calling an international number used to be difficult, expensive and complex. Those were the days when you waited five to ten minutes for your long distance phone calls to be connected. Those days weren’t very good to your budget either. Well, it’s a new day for long distance phone […]

Looking for the Cheapest International Calls Around?

It’s the question that keeps coming up which is neither simple or avoidable. “Who’s got the cheapest international calls?” OK, maybe that’s not the question you were thinking of. Regardless, it’s still essential since the majority of your family and friends are overseas. Well Vonage has a plan to answer this question — Vonage World®! […]

Call Long Distance Without Busting Your Budget!

Vonage gives you affordable international calls. When you call long distance, what kind of emotions does your service provider elicit? Anger? Sadness? Disappointment? If your provider isn’t Vonage, it’s most likely all three. Vonage has a couple of plans to change your long distance experience. Depending on where you’re looking to call, Vonage has the […]

Looking to Call Abroad on a Budget?

Set your sights on Vonage for affordable calling. You’ve called internationally so often you’ve got your very own procedure to call abroad. You calmly open your wallet, hand over your savings to a shady phone company and in return get a small amount of minutes for international calls. Vonage knows you’re sick and tired of […]

Calling Abroad Has Never Been So Easy!

Vonage makes calling abroad inexpensive and simple. Since you’ve lived in the U.S, you’ve had to deal with shady phone companies with high rates and low minutes when calling abroad. Who empties your bank account for talking to one’s family and friends? Not Vonage. We’ve got a plan that’ll have you calling friends and family […]