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Switching Phone Service and Taking Your Number with You

Vonage can help you move your current phone number to your new service! Vonage gives you the convenience of keeping one number permanently, wherever you go. No more email blasts or status updates about your ‘new number’ for everyone to see. Move your number! Moving your number to Vonage is simple, and if you’re moving […]

Where to Get Empty Boxes for Moving

If you’re moving soon and need to get empty boxes, look no further! The truth is that even empty boxes cost money, but there are a number of ways to find free ones. Boxes can also be hard on the environment, since new cardboard almost always comes from non-sustainably managed forests, which means the cheapest, […]

Vonage Mobile on the iPod touch: How It Works Part 2

If you find yourself on this page, you’ve probably already downloaded the new Vonage Mobile® app onto your iPod touch… …and maybe you’ve even read part 1 of this series. If not and you’d like to know more about general setup, please read Vonage Mobile on the iPod touch: How It Works Part 1. Now, […]

Vonage Mobile on the iPod touch: How It Works Part 1

Thinking about downloading Vonage’s new free texting and free calling app Vonage Mobile onto your iPod touch? But aren’t sure about how it works? Stick around for a bit, we may be able to help. If you didn’t know…Vonage Mobile® is totally free for Vonage customers and non-customers alike. It delivers conversations in stunning “high-definition” […]

Moving Day Checklist & Moving Tips

The big day has arrived and you don’t have a moving checklist. No use crying over spilt milk…which you should have used up by now…but it’s also not too late to fix it! We have a handy way for you to stay on task without letting those ‘little things’ slip by unnoticed. It’s a moving […]

A Moving Checklist Template to Print Out

A moving checklist template can be an indispensable tool for making your move stress-free. Don’t wait until the last minute before making important decisions. Take a look at our downloadable and printable moving checklist PDF today and give yourself enough of a chance to move the right way. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving from […]