Orange is the New…

DSC_2325“Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow.” Wassily Kandinsky

The color orange is typically associated with joy, sunshine and the tropics. The Vonage booth at this year’s Enterprise Connect, had plenty of these and a whole lot more. Joyful people coming together to collaborate and innovate under the warm Orlando sun in Florida’s Orange County, and plenty of frothy, fruity mango orange beverages to fuel the creative sparks zinging around the 1,600 square foot custom booth – outfitted from top to bottom in iconic Vonage orange.

Orange is vibrant. It’s engaging, exciting and edgy. Vonage attended this year’s conference and expo with orange gusto, participating in thought leadership panels and presentations, and enjoying finalist status for the annual Best of Enterprise Connect award for the Company’s launch of its SD-WAN technology product Vonage® SmartWAN.

The four day conference and expo, the premier event for the enterprise communications industry, kicked off for Vonage with a place on a panel discussion dedicated to Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) offerings. A UCaaS/Hybrid RFP: What Can Cloud Providers Deliver? was moderated by technology consultant Dave Stein, who created a mock RFP for communications service based on the panelists’ submissions. Jeff Savage, VP of Enterprise for Vonage, walked the panel and the room through the Vonage offering, from hosted voice to complementary cloud services, including differentiating features, functionality and pricing. All five providers were ranked accordingly, and Vonage came out unsurprisingly on top – a testament to its standing as a clear leader in the UCaaS space.

With so many providers and vendors demonstrating the latest innovations in the industry on the expo show floor, attendees were left to wonder how this market – disruptive in and of itself – will continue to evolve and shape the way their companies do business.

The Market Leaders Theater Stage at Enterprise Connect was set up for that very reason – to give exhibitors the opportunity to present what they are doing and how they plan to lead the way for emerging technologies in the UCaaS space. Jeff Savage continued his orange tour of Vonage offerings on Tuesday, March 8, presenting his thoughts on the subject during Tuesday’s Expo hours to lend perspective on how Vonage has quickly positioned itself as a leader in the UCaaS market, and how its offering will continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of businesses.

The sun continued to shine brightly over O-Town on Wednesday, March 9, as every seat filled to observe a discussion on the Cost of the Cloud, which included Vonage’s own Clark Peterson, President of Enterprise. Peterson and fellow panelists captured the attention of the audience, made up of analysts, media and decision makers for large companies, that was eager to understand how the cost of moving communications to the cloud changes the business model, especially for those in the Enterprise space. Key points Peterson was quick to point out is that providers will continue to do whatever possible to keep costs down while continuing to offer more and more services to drive value.

“Enterprise customers are looking for a full UC feature set that’s easy to deploy and use – that’s our task as service providers,” he pointed out and added, “it’s critical to provide all services to all customers.” This is when the real value of cloud communications shines through.

On Wednesday afternoon, the conversation turned to fellow communications innovator Google and what the company brings to the unified communications (UC) table. Vonage’s Crisantos Hajibrahim, Senior Director of Business Development participated in this panel discussion to support the overarching theme that integration is what makes Google Apps for Work a UC product. Integration with Google Apps, as well as other critical business applications, such as CRM, with voice as a platform – that is Vonage’s targeted approach to unified communications.

“Vonage looks at the bigger picture” when it comes to integration, Crisantos observed. “Every customer is unique and runs their business differently – we need to provide a solution that they want and need.” Vonage addresses these needs by building an integration solution to make all of the applications and tools that its customers are using – including Google apps – talk and work together seamlessly for truly elevated business communications.

Sanjay Srinivasan, VP and Chief Technology Architect Business Engineering rounded out the week of thought leadership with an extended focus on contextual communications and how its integration can benefit businesses, particularly large enterprises with multiple offices spread across locations. The emphasis of the discussion between the five panelists centered on three emerging technologies to watch as contextual functionality continues to take hold in the business communications space – WebRTC, communications APIs and advanced analytics. Attendees were encouraged to envision and then plan for what their respective companies will need to do to implement contextual communications into their operations in the future.

Throughout the conference, the expo show floor was flooded with attendees focused on learning and experiencing the latest and greatest that communications providers had to offer. The Vonage booth, awash in a soft orange glow, hosted more than 1,300 visitors, who partook in interactive demos of Vonage products and services, tried their hand at mini putt golf for a chance to win a Scotty Cameron putter, and met with Vonage executives to discuss the bright future of UCaaS.

Vonage is known not only for its affinity to orange but for its early disruption of the residential communications market and now for its historic transformation as an innovator in the business communications space. Vonage’s offering is unique* – the Company continues to challenge the status quo, by finding a better way to help people to connect and do business.

*Nothing rhymes with orange.