Why We’re Keeping Our Heads in the Clouds

In recent news, a major telecom company announced a nearly $2 billion investment in a fiber-optic network while simultaneously closing off a portion of its cloud-based operation. While others are banking on the future of business communications being tied down by cords and cables, we’re reaffirming our promise to continually innovate products and services that live in the cloud. And here’s why:

    • Productivity anytime, anywhere. Advanced UCaaS solutions give employees access via a smartphone, desk phone or softphone to all their calling features and important business software, whether they are in the office, at home or on the road. Constant, consistent access means employees have greater control over their productivity.


    • Integration with cloud-based apps. UCaaS solutions can integrate a business phone system with myriad applications, ranging from Salesforce® and Zoho® to Clio®, Sugar and Microsoft Dynamics®. This makes the system dynamic and adaptable, as new tools are introduced and upgraded, without the need to overhaul an entire system.


    • Grow when and where you want. A unified system for communications enables your company to scale up and down easily as your company evolves. You aren’t tethered to complex hardware and devices, so you can make adjustments as you grow.


  • No need for costly, cluttered cables. With hardwired phone lines, changes in cable access and hardware are required to accommodate new staff structure as companies scale up or down. With cloud-based services, it’s easy to add or remove employees. And, the company can utilize personal or company-owned devices, thus saving time and money.

Over the past five years, we’ve seen the UCaaS industry grow and evolve exponentially, and we foresee many more improvements in the coming years. As a company, we’re investing in customer care, broadening our sales forces and the continued development of our product pipeline.

For now, we’re keeping our heads in the clouds. We hope you will too.