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Sign Up for Vonage to Celebrate Tet in Vietnam

Whether you call it the Lunar New Year, Tet or just the New Year, Vonage wants to help connect you with friends and family overseas during this heart-warming holiday. This offer is only for a limited time, so hurry and check out the links below. It’s also an exclusively online offer, and the February 10 […]

How to Call Bien Hoa from the USA

Have you been searching for cheap calls to Bien Hoa? Although you moved from Bien Hoa months ago, you still haven’t found a way to conquer your homesickness. This feeling causes you to call Bien Hoa constantly. Unfortunately, Bien Hoa calling cards are an expensive instrument for dialing, and you need a way to talk […]

How to Call Hanoi from the USA

Call Hanoi and inexpensive? In the same sentence? That’s a question you’ve posed time and time again, ever since you decided to move away from Hanoi for college. Hanoi calling cards? No way. Too expensive and not enough minutes to jot down grandmother’s legendary Banh Mi recipe. But now there’s a better way. And this […]

How to Call Da Nang from the USA

Calling Da Nang can be THAT easy. In the past, you’ve had to fumble with Da Nang calling cards and strange foreign services just to place those calls to Da Nang. Some of your friends suggested using Vonage World®, but last time you checked, Vonage World didn’t include Vietnam. Well, it’s time to check again, […]

How to Call Hai Phong from the USA

Call Hai Phong without a bill to bother you! Calling Hai Phong is a necessary element of your everyday life, as your entire family is there. Except you. Since you call home almost every day, you need inexpensive international calls to Hai Phong and Hai Phong calling cards are NOT the answer. However, Vonage World® […]

How to Call Ho Chi Minh City from the USA

Learn how easy calling Ho Chi Minh City can be! Sure, Ho Chi Minh City feels far. And without calling, it can feel even farther. In the past you searched and searched for affordable calls to Ho Chi Minh City but got nowhere. Even Vonage World® wasn’t an option, as Vietnam wasn’t covered, so calls […]