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Looking for a Cheap Venezuela Phone Card?

Are Venezuela calling cards costing you a ton? Introducing Vonage’s Digital Calling Card. It’s the new Venezuela calling card from Vonage that offers low per-minute rates with no monthly fees. And it’s the only online Venezuela phone card that offers bonus calling credit. Receive up to a 40% bonus credit when you buy $25 worth […]

How to Call Venezuela from the U.S.

Need to call Venezuela from USA but don’t have time to figure out calling protocol? Check out our “How to Call Venezuela” guide: First dial 011 – U.S. exit code. Next dial 58 – Venezuela calling code. Then, the 3-digit area code (see calling code list below). Concluded by the 7-digit phone number. Here’s what […]

How to Call the USA from Venezuela

Make unlimited¹ calls with Vonage from Venezuela to the USA Living in Venezuela? With Vonage, calling the U.S. from Venezuela has never been easier! Relocating to another country can bring added stress, so keeping in contact with those you care for is essential — and Vonage is making it simple to learn how to call […]

Searching for Cheap Calls to Venezuela?

Get on the horn because Vonage World® has been upgraded. Really. Your calls back home to Caracas have been made using Vonage World, the best plan to get unlimited calls to Venezuela landlines. You’re pleased because it’s a great value and your family and friends in Venezuela love it because it allows you to talk […]

Call Your Mom on Your Mobile Phone for FREE

Give Mom a call at home. On the house. You’re living in the U.S., but mom’s back home. Far away. And the pangs of being away from her on Mother’s Day are hitting hard. Like crying-in-public-and-hoping-no-one-notices hard. Vonage is providing you much-needed relief. Fire up Vonage Mobile® from May 10th-13th (also known as Mother’s Day […]

It’s Mother’s Day. Do you know where your mother is?

You want to talk to Mom…but you’re on a budget. You’re in the US, but Mom’s overseas. Hola! How can you keep in contact without breaking the bank? Stay in touch with one of Vonage’s many international calling plans. Vonage allows you to talk to mom as long as you want, whenever you want, without […]