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Tired of Overpriced Long Distance Plans?

Turn to Vonage for affordable calling plans. Being away from your family is hard enough. Trying to call them on long distance plans that charge a fortune is even harder. Previously, there was nothing you could do; you’d have to surrender the contents of your bank account and live with whatever service those providers gave […]

Affordable Long Distance Phone Calls, Only from Vonage

Vonage makes calling easy and affordable. Calling an international number used to be difficult, expensive and complex. Those were the days when you waited five to ten minutes for your long distance phone calls to be connected. Those days weren’t very good to your budget either. Well, it’s a new day for long distance phone […]

Looking for the Cheapest International Calls Around?

It’s the question that keeps coming up which is neither simple or avoidable. “Who’s got the cheapest international calls?” OK, maybe that’s not the question you were thinking of. Regardless, it’s still essential since the majority of your family and friends are overseas. Well Vonage has a plan to answer this question — Vonage World®! […]

Call Long Distance Without Busting Your Budget!

Vonage gives you affordable international calls. When you call long distance, what kind of emotions does your service provider elicit? Anger? Sadness? Disappointment? If your provider isn’t Vonage, it’s most likely all three. Vonage has a couple of plans to change your long distance experience. Depending on where you’re looking to call, Vonage has the […]

Stop Worrying About Long Distance Rates!

Vonage is giving you something to talk about. And a plan to do it with. Whether you’re calling internationally or locally, you’ve always been on the lookout for affordable long distance rates. And why wouldn’t you be? Constantly flying back and forth to see family isn’t an option, so consistent communication is key. Emails and […]

Make Vonage Your Long Distance Provider!

Call international affordably and legitimately. Many long distance providers offer international calling rates with a catch. Like hidden fees, gimmicks and other charges that only come to light after you’ve begun service. But Vonage thinks you deserve better. Forget the other long distance providers out there — here are two calling plans that’ll sway you […]