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Looking for Cheap Calling Cards to Pakistan?

Looking for a Pakistan calling card that’s both easy to use and saves you money? Introducing the Vonage Digital Calling Card. It’s a Pakistan phone card that puts the best of Vonage in the palm of your hand, with low rates and amazing call quality. We also make sure your calls aren’t cut off unnecessarily […]

How to Call Sargodha From the USA

Cheap calls to Sargodha are here! Every time you see a mandarin orange, you think of home — Sargodha. You wish you could call more, but life (AKA your budget) gets in the way. But Vonage has a solution — Vonage World®. This calling plan includes super low cost calls to Sargodha and to any […]

How to Call Gujranwala From the USA

Get on those calls to Gujranwala! Your “little” bodybuilder brother still lives in Gujranwala, and you miss him terribly. Between training sessions, you used to give him a call, but you’re tired of Pakistan calling cards and need a consistent international calling plan. Like an old workout routine, you need something new — a phone […]

How to Call Peshawar From the USA

Proclaim your love for calls to Peshawar! Peshawar is thousands of miles away from your current residence in the U.S., but has always been close to your heart. Hence, the need for the lowest rate calling to Peshawar — to catch up with everything and everyone back home. You’re looking for a calling plan that’ll […]

How to Call Quetta From the USA

Cheap calls to Quetta? No question about it! Your family in Quetta, particularly your dad, wonders why you don’t call more often. Simple. You’ve had no luck searching for substantially cheap calling to Quetta, and you’re allergic to Pakistan calling cards. There must be some calling plan out there that’ll let you call Quetta without […]

How to Call Hyderabad, Pakistan From the USA

Looking for super cheap calls to Hyderabad, Pakistan? Some people don’t know the difference between Hyderabad, India and Hyderabad, Pakistan. And while the two are very different, they both have something in common — an affordable monthly plan with really low per-minute rates for calling to Hyderabad Pakistan: Vonage World®! With Vonage World, you’ll be […]