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MagicJack™ Pricing vs. Vonage Pricing

There are a whole slew of online MagicJack reviews that deal with Magic Jack cost comparisons of the Magic Jack service with other phone services like Vonage. We thought we’d cut through the confusion for you with a quick and easy rundown of the numbers. Magic Jack: Magicjack costs $39.95 plus shipping and handling. You […]

MagicJack™ vs. Vonage Installation

When it comes to installation, the MagicJack reviews online reveal a great deal about the supposed ease and reliability of this device. Some say the installation is complicated…though to be fair, it seems that all you need do is just plug one end of the Magic Jack into an open USB port on your computer, […]

Moving to a Big City?

In today’s location-fluid economy, you might find yourself given the opportunity by your company moving to a larger city and leaving your small, familiar hometown behind. Well Country Mouse, not to worry. There are a few things you should be aware of when moving to a big city, but nothing you can’t learn to deal […]

Don’t Let Moving Out of State Overwhelm You!

Moving out of state can be a source of deep anxiety and frustration, but it doesn’t have to be. With the proper planning and attitude, moving state to state can be just another series of chores that, if handled bit by bit on a daily basis, can go by without incident or a sense of […]

Never Miss a Call Again with Vonage’s Network Availability Number®

There are times in life when you simply can’t keep your main phone connected or when connectivity becomes spotty during long transitional phases. This is never more true than during a move. Even just the word “move” can fill a person with dread, as cascading “To Do” lists force you to consider each and every […]

Moving to a Small Town?

So you find yourself in the curious position of moving to a small town? Maybe it’s for work, maybe it’s family-related or maybe you just needed a change of scenery. Whatever the reason, you’re almost definitely going to experience some culture shock. These days, situations like this usually involve someone moving from a small town […]