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Vonage and MagicJack Phone Service Comparison

If you’re doing some research online to find affordable overseas and local calling options, chances are you’ve run across Vonage or maybe even MagicJack™. You may have realized that many of the online MagicJack reviews are very negatively skewed, the main complaints being lackluster MagicJack support, difficult installation, high MagicJack prices and an overall lack […]

How to Use Vonage Extensions

Do you often make international cell phone calls? Then you should switch to Vonage and take advantage of the FREE Vonage Extensions™ calling app. How to save on international calling with Vonage With the Vonage World® plan, you can make unlimited international calls to landlines in more than 60 countries, and to mobiles in 10 […]

Easy to Use Vonage Extensions Calling App

Looking for international calling apps for iPhone® or Android™? Then choose the easy-to-use, FREE Vonage Extensions™ app! When you switch to Vonage, you’ll be able to make unlimited1 international calls to landlines in more than 60 countries for one low rate. Best of all, every Vonage World plan comes with a FREE Vonage Extensions™. What […]

Why Vonage Extensions?

Make international cell phone calls? If you make international mobile calls often, then consider switching to Vonage and getting the Vonage Extensions™ app. Vonage home phone service is a great option for unlimited long distance calling. With the Vonage World® plan, not only can you make low-cost unlimited calls to more than 60 countries, but […]