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Feel Lucky? You Can, Thanks to Vonage’s Spring Festival Offer!

It’s our Spring Festival offer! Connect with your loved ones in China for less with Vonage. Spring Festival is almost here, and you know what that means. The whole family will be gathering together once again to ring in the Lunar New Year. Well, Vonage wants to help connect you with friends and family in […]

Searching for a Cheap Phone Card to China?

Looking for the best China calling card? You’ve come to the right place. Introducing the Vonage Digital Calling Card! The Vonage phone card to China offers rates up to 25% less than PennyTalk® with no connection fees, no monthly fees and no minimum charges to worry about. And when you add more than $5 to […]

Calling Taiyuan is Easy!

Give Taiyuan a call! Although Taiyuan is close to your heart, you unfortunately live nowhere near it. Since moving away you’ve relied on a bevy of calling services to keep in touch, and they’ve allowed you to call Taiyuan, but at a very steep price. Vonage thinks you should be able to call when you […]

Calling Changchun From USA

Call Changchun without worry! Most people miss their hometowns on holidays or during time off. You, on the other hand, miss Changchun all the time. To fight this heavy bout of homesickness, you’ve prescribed yourself unlimited¹ calling to Changchun. That way, you’ll be able to catch up with friends and family without having to second […]

How To Call Hangzhou

No more hang-ups when calling Hangzhou! Living far from Hangzhou has a couple advantages. You get to explore a new, exciting and mysterious city while ‘spreading your wings’. At least that’s what they say. But what they don’t tell you is how much you’ll miss talking to everyone in Hangzhou. And if home is where […]

Calling Jinan From USA

Calling Jinan has never been easier! It’s been a long time since you enjoyed the view from Thousand Buddha Mountain, took in a Shandong Luneng game or reminisced about other fond memories of Jinan. So now is the time to get nostalgic. Vonage World® includes free calls to Jinan mobiles and landlines. That’s unlimited¹ calling […]