Moving? Take Your Phone Number With You When Switching Phone Service

Take your home number wherever you go, when switching to Vonage!

If you’re with Vonage you can go ahead and move without worrying about switching phone companies or deal with moving your phone number. Your loved ones can contact you at the same number you’ve always had. With Vonage, take your number with you wherever you go! Doesn’t matter if it’s next door, cross-country or around the world. Take a look:

moving with vonage process

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!
Just take your home phone and your Vonage Box™ with you, and once you get to your new residence, plug your phone and your Internet connection (high-speed only) into the Vonage Box. And you’re back in business.

For those who are moving further away, Vonage offers the chance to add a second, local number for your new home. Whether people are calling you on your original or new number, they’ll be able to reach you at local rates. You can also call new local pals or friends back home – at great low rate. You’ll never lose contact with the world when moving your phone number with Vonage.

One last thing to consider…if you haven’t yet become a Vonage customer but are about to move, our number transfer process only takes 10 business days. So if you have enough lead time and want to keep your old number, switch phone service to Vonage today. We’ll send you an email notification when the transfer is complete.

Learn more about moving with Vonage and how you can move your number when you switch phone service to Vonage.