Moving to Canada from the US?

Are you moving to Canada sometime soon?

Then you’ll need to get a drop on things and pick a day for moving and stick to it. The hardest part of most trying is getting started. Overcome that and get moving to Canada from the US!

House or Apartment

Depending on whether it’s a city or the country you’ll be going to when moving to Canada, you’ll need a house or an apartment. Just like in the states, you can rent both and each offers something unique. If you’re moving to Toronto, a rented apartment might make more sense, but if you’ll be outside major metro areas, you may want to purchase a house. Search online resources for a huge array of property listings.

Pack Wisely

Remember you’re not moving down the street but to an entirely new country. There will be customs offices involved which means no house plants or anything else that might be perceived as a biological threat to local flora and fauna. Then there’s the amount of space in your new home to consider. You’ll likely need to leave some things behind. Pick a room in your old home to put the things that won’t be coming with you. Ask yourself what you can live without and what you absolutely need. How often you use something — it’s sentimental value, cost, size, etc. — all are factors to think about.

Organize What You Are Taking

You should also pick a space where you can get to the items that are going to be making the trip to your new home. Organize your items into different categorical piles, like cookware, toiletries, pet supplies, electronics, etc.

Pack Early, Pack Smart

Get boxes, start packing even if it’s only bit by bit to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Then pack by room and category to help you keep track.

Climate will be a huge factor in deciding if something is staying behind or going. In Canada the cold months will resemble something closer to a New England winter, but with steeper temperature drops. So you’ll want to be taking heavy coats, gloves, hats, snowpants, scarves, etc. Unless you’re moving to the very northernmost reaches of Canada though, you’ll also need some summer clothes. Yes, even in Canada there’s a summer!

Don’t Skimp on the Movers

A move to a new country is nothing to take lightly. Hire people you trust then get out of the way to let them do their job. International moves are one of the few times it’s recommended that you let the movers do the packing for you. They’ll also be able to keep strict track of all your things while packing, freeing you up to serve as a second set of eyeballs on the inventory. Hiring movers also eliminates the need to deal directly with any customs, tolls, or extra fees that international moves sometimes entail. They will just add it up as part of their service, which you can pay all at once at the end of the journey.

Change of Addy

Once you know where you’re new home is, tell everyone who needs to know — friends, family, your bank, magazine subscripts, etc. You can fill out a change of address form at the post office.

You’ve Arrived

So you’re no longer moving to canada… you’ve already moved. Before you get knee deep into unpacking however there are a few more important things you’ll want to take care of:

You’ll need a new driver’s license, a new registration, new vehicle tags, and new insurance or have your insurance company adjust your rates for international compliance. You’ll also want to familiarize yourself with any mass transit – subway/train/bus — which if you’re not used to dealing with can seem a bit scary at first. You’ll also want to find the grocery store. Plus you need to know ASAP where the local hospital and police station are.

Setting Up Phone Service

As important as all these other things is your need to stay in contact with loved ones. If you’re moving to Canada from the U.S., Vonage will let you keep your home number, yes, even one from another country. And you can add a second local line too!

Just take your home phone and Vonage Box™ with you and when you’re in your new home, plug your Internet service and your phone back into the Vonage Box. Easy.

For those of you not yet with Vonage but who would like to take your number with you as well, you can switch over quickly to our service but there is a (roughly) ten business day processing delay to transfer your number. So plan accordingly.

Take our Vonage Box with you anywhere in the world and enjoy great rates and free calling.

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