How to Get the Best Quote from a Mover!

Wondering how to get the best quote from a mover?

Let us help you with our “How to Get the Best Quote from a Mover” guide. First thing’s first. You need to know just where you’re going and how you want to get there. Answer these simple questions to help you begin your planning.

      Are you looking to move somewhere nearby, somewhere long-distance but still in your native country or, will you be traveling to an international destination?

Will you want help with packing and moving or will you simply hire a vehicle and go full DIY?

Will you want the movers to deal with valuable/fragile items for you (artwork, heirlooms, safes)?

Will you need storage in your old and/or new home?

Will you want to purchase insurance for anything you’re packing?

Now that you’ve answered these basic questions, we can begin to deal with the specific issue of how to get the best quote from a mover.

You’ll want to have picked a mover upwards of 2 months before you’re set to go. You can do a lot of searching online, but it’s highly recommended that you ask friends and family for any previous moving companies they’ve used and trusted. You can also ask your real estate agent if they have any recommendations. They may not be movers, but they’re in a highly related business and may have some insider tips. Now once you narrow your choices down to a few moving companies it’s time to deal with quotes and estimates. You can do this based on a number of different, overlapping criteria:

  • Based on square footage
  • Based on hourly rates
  • Based on the kind of items to be moved
  • Based on the weight of items
  • Based on distance to be traveled

Most movers will gladly give you a quote as long as you give them enough information to work with and/or allow them to visit your home to get a clear idea of what they’d have to transport. If they can’t give you an accurate quote and commit to it, this is a red flag, and that company should be avoided.

You’ll definitely want to get 2-3 quotes for the job, but don’t just compare prices. Also find out what’s included in that quote or price, such as timing and schedule, packing or no packing, special packaging, tolls and customs fees, etc. And don’t feel obliged to accept an initial offer. You can haggle for a better price or place a contingency in your contract. Contingency example — if the movers don’t get your items to where they’re supposed to be within 1 day of their estimated arrival time, barring disaster as the cause of the delay, their fee can be reduced.

All of that of course would have to be agreed upon, put into writing, and initialed by both you and the movers.

In addition here are a few other things you’ll definitely need to stay on top of:

  • Insurance: For you and/or your movers.
  • Accreditation: Do the movers have it?
  • Read the fine print. Many times the caveats to a deal can be found here. Read carefully.
  • What are your rights and responsibilities as a person hiring a moving company.
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration: Contact them with any specific questions.

All of these things will ultimately define what you will accept when attempting to answer the question of how to get the best quote from a mover.

View and print our full moving checklist and our moving budgeting worksheet here.

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