Vonage Mobile on the iPod touch: How It Works Part 2

If you find yourself on this page, you’ve probably already downloaded the new Vonage Mobile® app onto your iPod touch…

…and maybe you’ve even read part 1 of this series. If not and you’d like to know more about general setup, please read Vonage Mobile on the iPod touch: How It Works Part 1.

Now, the most important thing you need to be aware of is that Vonage Mobile will work differently on your iPod touch than on an iPhone® or Android™ device even though the set up process screens will be mostly the same. This is because Vonage Mobile was designed primarily for smartphones and because the iPod was not built with making calls as a priority.

So here are some things to be on the lookout for when getting going.

Vonage Mobile Welcome Screen

For one, you’ll notice that this screen mentions free calls AND texts to other Vonage Mobile users. On the iPod, this is restricted to free OUTGOING calls and texts only. There is no incoming calling or incoming texting capability on the iPod.

You’ll also note that the screen says that Vonage Mobile will work on 3G/4G and Wi-Fi. This is true, but the iPod will only have access to Wi-Fi, so make sure you’re near a strong and secure connection before attempting a call.


Vonage Mobile Phone Setup

Now, during registration, you’ll see the screen pictured here, which will prompt you to enter your phone number.

For clarity’s sake, it bears mentioning that Vonage Mobile is just an app, a great app to be sure, but it will not provide you a new number for permanent assignment to your iPod touch or even a temporary number for registration. You must have your own number to register. You can use a number from Google Voice, another cell phone, etc, but please note that that number can not have been registered with Vonage Mobile on another mobile device.

Whichever number you register with, the app will use that to make calls through. Again, this number must be from a cellphone or digital Internet phone service. Landline numbers will not be accepted.


Other than that, your experience with Vonage Mobile will be the same. The same great “high-definition” audio quality and ability to call out to anywhere in the world to any other Vonage Mobile users. So get going! And if you have anymore questions, don’t forget to check out Vonage Mobile on the iPod touch: How It Works Part 1 of this series.

If you don’t yet have Vonage Mobile, download it from iTunes® and Android Market™. It’s our totally free calling and free texting app for Vonage customers… and non customers. Talk in “high-definition” audio quality or text with a loved one…all for the price of a cup of coffee minus the price of that cup of coffee. In other words, it’s free. And for a limited time as part of the Vonage Mobile launch, you can make Vonage calls to any phone in the U.S. or Puerto Rico or Canada also at no cost.

Visit Vonage Mobile to learn more.