Vonage Mobile on the iPod touch: How It Works Part 1

Thinking about downloading Vonage’s new free texting and free calling app Vonage Mobile onto your iPod touch?

But aren’t sure about how it works? Stick around for a bit, we may be able to help.

If you didn’t know…Vonage Mobile® is totally free for Vonage customers and non-customers alike. It delivers conversations in stunning “high-definition” audio quality and it will let you talk or text for free from anywhere in the world to anywhere. The only hitch isn’t much of a hitch. The person you’re calling also has to have our totally free app. And for a limited time, all Vonage calls to all phones in the U.S., Canada or Puerto Rico are free, no matter from where you make your call. Not too shabby, huh?

Now keep in mind that Vonage Mobile was designed for iPhone® and Android™ smartphones, so some of its extra features will only work on one of those. For instance, on the Touch you can only use the app when within access of Wi-Fi, as opposed to also having the options of 3G and 4G available on smartphone exchanges.

Chances are, though, that if you’ve downloaded the app onto your iPod touch, you already own a phone (smart or basic cellular) that is your primary calling device and that you’re planning on using Vonage Mobile on the iPod touch only to supplement that service.

You can, of course, use your iPod touch with Vonage Mobile as your primary device if you prefer, but let’s take a look at some of the app’s features and how they play out on the Touch.

First of all, make sure your iPod touch has built-in speakers — first-gen models do not. Otherwise the free calling option won’t work.

Next, download the calling app onto your iPod touch.

Vonage Mobile Phone Number

You’ll need to enter a phone number (and an email address) where you can receive a confirmation call from the app in a few moments later. Please note that this app does not provide you with a phone number. You will need to provide an already existing number so that we can call you to give you your activation code. Almost any kind of number will work, for example, a landline, a Google Voice number, a second mobile number, etc., however, that a number can not already be associated with an existing Vonage Mobile enhanced device. So if you’re already using Vonage Mobile on an iPhone, you can’t use your iPhone’s number to register a Vonage Mobile account on your iPad.

Assuming you’ve used a separate and distinct number to register, the number you do enter will then show up as your Caller ID on the iPod touch from that point on, so make sure you use the best option, at least if you have multiple numbers that is. Remember, the number entered must be a working number, as you’ll need be able to receive a call in the next step.

Vonage Mobile SMS Verification

Once you enter that number Vonage Mobile will ask to send you an SMS. Now, the iPod touch doesn’t have texting or SMS capability (outside of iMessage), but you’ll need to click “OK” regardless.


Vonage Mobile Enter Code

Enter the activation code in the next screen and you’ll be set to go.


Vonage Mobile Welcome to Vonage Screen

The code will validate and you’ll be taken to the “SETUP — COMPLETE” screen, and from there you can begin making free international calls.


For more information about Vonage Mobile’s features and capabilities on the iPod touch, please see Vonage Mobile on the iPod touch: How It Works Part 2.

If you don’t yet have Vonage Mobile, download it from iTunes® and Android Market™ or visit Vonage Mobile to learn more.