Is Calling a Thing of the Past?

According to Pew Research Center, smartphone ownership is at an all-time high among America’s young adults. Recent statistics show that 66% of young adults, ages 18-29, own a smartphone as of September 2012.

What are they doing on their smartphones, you ask?

From browsing the web and checking email to playing games and downloading apps, smartphone owners are using their phones just like they would their computers. But what about basic cell phone activities like calling and texting?

comScore reports that as of May 2012, 74.8% of mobile subscribers send text messages from their mobile devices. As expected, texting is the most popular communications activity among young adults who ultimately prefer to be reached by text message than by phone. And boy, do they love to text.

So, is calling just a thing of the past? Not quite, but it certainly has some stiff competition. However one thing is certain, whether you prefer to text or call, the Vonage Mobile® calling app will help you stay connected for less.