Carnaval Isn’t the Only Reason to Celebrate This February!

If you can’t make it to Carnaval this year, don’t worry.

Because with Vonage’s free calling app, Vonage Mobile®, you’ll have just as much cause to samba down the street as your friends and family back in Brazil!

A full week of parties, parades and pageants is going to leave your loved ones in Brazil with plenty to tell you about. Luckily, Vonage Mobile can let you all talk or text completely for free for as long as you want.*

Besides, the whole country practically comes to a standstill during Carnaval, so the people you care most for are likely to have the free time to catch up! What better way to keep in touch than with free high-definition calls as well as free texts and image sharing?

If you’re not a Vonage customer, you can still use Vonage Mobile. It works with both iPhone® or Android™ devices. All you need to do is make sure the person you’re calling or texting has also downloaded the app, and you’re good to go. You can invite as many people as you like to join you on Vonage Mobile right from your contacts list. If you need to reach someone without a smartphone or our app, that’s ok too, because Vonage Mobile was designed to save you money regardless of who you’re calling. You’ll get amazing savings on international calls to anyone who hasn’t yet downloaded the app. It’s that easy.

To help you celebrate Carnaval, we’re running a Refer-A-Friend promotion where you gain $1 of credit for each person you get to download and register with Vonage Mobile. The offer is valid for up to $10. Just use SMS to invite your friends and family, and this year you can enjoy Carnaval even if you’re halfway around the world!

Didn’t think Carnaval could get any better? Well now it can, with Vonage Mobile.

*Data rates may apply