How to Call South Africa from the U.S.

If you need to call South Africa from USA, don’t let the hassle of tricky calling cards slow you down.

Simply, and check out our “How to Call South Africa” guide below.

To call South Africa from the U.S., just follow these dialing instructions:

  • First dial 011, the U.S. exit code.
  • Next dial 27, the country code for South Africa.
  • Then dial the 2-digit area code (see sample calling code list below) followed by the 7-digit phone number.

Here’s what the U.S. to South Africa international dialing format looks like:
011 + 27 + ?? + ??? ????

Need more help with how to call South Africa?

Here is a list of some major city area codes and city calling codes:

Cape Town 21
Durban 31
Johannesburg 11
Pretoria 12
Soweto 51
Port Elizabeth 41
Pietermaritzburg 33
Benoni 11
Vereeniging 16
Bloemfontein 51

Still having trouble calling South Africa?

Watch for some of these common dialing fauxpas:

Calls can be blocked

Occasionally service providers automatically set their phones’ international calling status to “blocked.” You can change this status in Settings. Change it whenever you like. NOTICE: This issue does not occur with Vonage World.

Cell phone numbers without area codes

You should never add area codes to international cell phone numbers. In most countries, cell phone numbers already employ an allocated beginning digit that is not used for calling landlines.
Uh-oh, there’s a trunk code

If an international number starts with 0, the zero (or “0” is called a “trunk code.” It’s only dialed when making calls to a select group of nations. Just be sure the country you’re trying to reach is one of those… or you should leave off the 0.

VoIP or Internet cell phones

Most Internet cell phones, or VoIPs, are set so that you should leave off dialing the “011” digits when making an international call. If this is the case, just skip the “011” exit code and enter the rest of the number.

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