How to Call Poland from the U.S.

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With Vonage, you can add a local Warsaw number to your account. That way, your friends and family in Warsaw can make a local call that rings right to your home phone in the U.S. It’s called a virtual number and is inexpensive and easy to use; you get a phone number from a different domestic or international location that rings to your home phone. By adding a virtual number to your Vonage World® plan, you can save your friends in Poland from expensive international calling charges when they call you. Of course, with Vonage World® you can make unlimited1 landline calls to them.

To call Poland from the U.S., just follow these simple dialing directions:

First dial 011, the U.S. exit code.
Next dial 48, the country code for Poland.
Then dial the area code (2 digits).
Finally dial the phone number (7 digits).

Does your number to call Poland start with a (+)? What does it mean?

Some international numbers have a plus sign before the country code. This (+) simply means that when dialing this number internationally, the country exit code needs to be used. In some cases, you can dial “+” on a cell or VoIP phone, or simply replace the plus sign with your country’s exit code. For calls to Poland from the U.S. using Vonage, you can replace the “+” with “011,” but they’ll both work.

Have family in Poland who often call the U.S.?

Here’s an idea: Why not give Vonage World® to your friends or family in Poland? It’s easy… just sign up for a Vonage World® account for them and ship them the Vonage Box™*. That way they can make unlimited¹ calls to landlines and mobiles in the U.S. Imagine your brother in Warsaw having the same U.S. area code as you. You and anyone in the U.S. can reach him on a U.S. number, rather than paying international rates to call Poland. And if you both have Vonage, calls between you are included at no additional charge! Vonage works anywhere there’s a high-speed Internet connection.

Need more help with how to call Poland?

Here is a list of major area codes and city calling codes in Poland.

Bialystok 85
Bielsko-Biala 33
Bydgoszcz 52
Czestochowa 34
Elblag 55
Gdansk 58
Gdynia 58
Gliwice 32
Gorzow Wielkopolski 95
Grudziadz 56
Kalisz 62
Katowice 32
Kielce 41
Koszalin 94
Krakow 12
Legnica 76
Lodz 42
Lublin 81
Opole 77
Plock 24
Poznan 61
Radom 48
Rybnik 36
Rzeszow 17
Sosnowiec 32
Szczecin 91
Tarnow 14
Torun 56
Walbrzych 74
Warszawa 22
Wloclawek 54
Wroclaw 71
Zielona Gora 68

Are there any international calling apps?

Check out Vonage Mobile for international calling apps for Android™ & iPhone® devices.

*You sign up for an additional account and remain responsible for all charges and activity on each account, as well as shipping for the adapter and for compliance with the laws of the country outside of the U.S. where the Vonage adapter may be used. Vonage customer support is in English and Spanish only. Vonage 911 service does not operate outside the U.S.