How to Call Hai Phong from the USA

Call Hai Phong without a bill to bother you!

Calling Hai Phong is a necessary element of your everyday life, as your entire family is there. Except you. Since you call home almost every day, you need inexpensive international calls to Hai Phong and Hai Phong calling cards are NOT the answer.

However, Vonage World® is.

Sound familiar? Vonage World® has been around awhile, providing unlimited¹ calling to landlines in 60 countries and unlimited¹ calling to mobiles in 10. This plan previously didn’t include Vietnam. Previously. You can now call Hai Phong mobiles and landlines as much as you want¹, whenever you want, for one low monthly rate. With Vonage World, calling Hai Phong has never been easier, allowing you to stay connected with all the going-ons of your hometown. Choose Vonage World when you’re ready to affordably call Vietnam unlimited¹ and, if you need a refresher on how to call Hai Phong, keep reading!

Vonage’s easy guide on how to call Hai Phong from the USA:

  1. Start with 011 — the exit code for the U.S. and Canada.
  2. Next, enter 84 — the country code for Vietnam.
  3. Then, dial 31 — the Hai Phong area code (landlines only*).
  4. Finally, finish with the local 5–7 digit Hai Phong phone number.

*When calling mobiles in Hai Phong, enter the U.S./Canada exit code, the Vietnam country code and then either: a) “1” before the 9–digit mobile number or b) “9” before the 8–digit mobile number.

Now you know the Hai Phong telephone code and the steps to call your hometown, but check out how to call Vietnam for details on how to dial the rest of the country’s major cities!

The Hai Phong details:

Vietnam’s third-largest city, Hai Phong is considered one of the country’s two largest maritime hubs. The city has a number of deep-water ports and is extremely advanced in the industries of maritime transport and trade. During the Indochina era, Hai Phong was France’s primary navy base, and its importance on the water continues today as Hai Phong is a major Vietnamese port city.

¹Unlimited calling and other services for all residential plans are based on normal residential, personal, non-commercial use. A combination of factors is used to determine abnormal use, including but not limited to: the number of unique numbers called, calls forwarded, minutes used and other factors. Subject to our Reasonable Use Policy and Terms of Service.