Vonage Product Update: Take Your Home Phone Anywhere

vonage alienWhether running errands, away on business, or anxious to talk to friends and family overseas, Vonage customers can now make and receive calls using their home phone service anywhere they use a smartphone. The new mobile inbound calling functionality, standard on all Vonage home plans, is now part of the patented Vonage Extensions® App.

Different from call forwarding, this new functionality allows shared use of a family’s home phone identity. Calls made to the home phone number will now ring on mobile phones at the same time so anyone in the household can immediately take important calls from doctors, children’s schools, home improvement professionals, friends and family.

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With the new service, inbound calls to the app indicate that the call was made to a user’s home number, and outbound calls are displayed with the home caller ID. This allows customers to have a second identity on their mobile phone and to keep their mobile number private, giving them more control over when, how and where they communicate.

Vonage has combined the benefits and utility of a shared home identity with the value of low international calling rates, and the convenience of enabling customers to extend the cordless phone they use in their homes to their mobiles. Enabling two-way mobile calling will drive more mobile usage of our service and change the way people think about and use their home phone.

To take advantage of this added benefit, residential service customers simply download the Extensions app to their iPhone® or Android™ smartphone. Once installed, calls to a customer’s number will ring on up to two mobile phones, and users can make and receive calls anywhere there is Wi-Fi or a 3G/4G2 connection. And, with Wi-Fi calling, customers can use Vonage service on mobiles in areas with poor cellular coverage, including their homes, regardless of which cellular carrier they use.

To see how this new functionality works, check the new Vonage TV commercial.

Vonage Customers login to your account to setup.