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How to Call Seongnam from USA

Been looking to call Seongnam cheap? Finding a way to call Seongnam affordably has been an ongoing, if not fruitless search. Again and again you’ve looked into foreign phone services that promised affordability but delivered disappointment. Vonage World®, at the time, didn’t include South Korea on their impressive country roster. It looked as if all […]

How to Call Changwon from USA

Affordable unlimited¹ calling to Changwon is here! Ever wanted to call Changwon mobiles and landlines without being bothered by a big bill? We’re sure you’ve been disappointed by those questionable calling plans to Changwon that other foreign phone companies constantly promote. You’ve heard all about the benefits of using Vonage World® for international calling, but […]

How to Call Suwon from USA

Searching for cheap calling to Suwon? Many of your friends often bragged about Vonage World® which they used to call internationally. However, you felt walled off as Vonage World didn’t include South Korea. Well, Vonage heard you loud and clear, and now, there’s an answer for unlimited¹ calling to Suwon: Vonage just added South Korea […]

How to Call Ulsan from USA

Make calls to Ulsan without consequences! Not everyone knows how big Ulsan is. Although home to a number of world-famous companies, it’s still relatively anonymous. Which is how you like it, except when it comes to calling Ulsan. There aren’t many inexpensive options, and your best bet, Vonage World®, didn’t include South Korea on its […]

How to Call Gwangju from USA

We’ve got the goods on calling Gwangju. You miss your family, friends and the Kimchi Festival back home in Gwangju. It’s been ages since you’ve had time to go back, and even longer since you looked for unlimited¹ calls to Gwangju. You thought Vonage World® could do the trick, but it didn’t cover South Korea. […]

Pay More to Talk Less? It’s Vonage vs PennyTalk

PennyTalk® sounds cheap, but that’s not the whole story. Introducing the Digital Calling Card by Vonage! When you compare PennyTalk and Vonage rates, it’s easy to see how Vonage offers a better deal. For instance, our rates to mobile phones in many popular destinations are much lower — 35% less in the Philippines, 49% less […]