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How To Call Chengdu From USA

The key to calling Chengdu! Your hometown, good ole’ Chengdu, is calling. Or is it that you want to call Chengdu? Either way, you miss your family and friends and need calls – lots of calls – back home. Well, you’re in luck, free calls to Chengdu are included in Vonage World®! Vonage World gives […]

Partnership for more cost-effective solutions for calls to the Philippines

Globe Telecom, a leading Philippine telecommunications company, and Vonage, a leading global provider in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), join forces to bring affordable international call rates to and from the Philippines. The partnership between Globe and Vonage will further cut the cost of international calls to the Philippines, benefiting over eight million Filipinos living […]

Calling Xi’an From USA

How to call Xi’an! Even though you’ve never perfected the pronunciation of your hometown, this is your step-by-step guide to find a plan and dial the city of the Terracotta Army. But unlike the centuries it took to find those stone warriors, you don’t need to look any further than the plan that’s guaranteed to […]

How To Call Taipei From US

Get the technique for calling Taipei! You used to complain about all the Taipei festivals (Dragon Boat, Ghost, Mid-Autumn, Lantern, etc.). But now you miss them terribly. And by ‘them’, we mean the festivals and your loved ones across the Pacific. But dab away your sadness, as Vonage has a plan to keep you connected: […]

How To Call Harbin From USA

Get help for calling Harbin. Harbin’s winter conditions are as world-famous as they are brutal, but you still miss them. In fact, you miss everything about Harbin: friends, family and that strange-neighbor-with-good-intentions as well. So you’ll need to talk to all of them, whenever you want, without worrying about costs. Enter Vonage World®. With Vonage […]

Calling Nanjing From the US

Make a call to Nanjing! Remember the day you got on the plane at Lukou Airport? It was tough. And the last time you climbed Purple Mountain? Ages ago. It’s time to put an end to your homesickness and reconnect with those back home. But you need a plan. A plan that gives you unlimited¹ […]